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English-Hindi > rheum" sentence in Hindi

rheum in a sentence

21.Garden collections include Aconitum, Camellia, Gentiana, Glycyrrhiza, Papaver, Rheum, and native wild flora, as well as a greenhouse, insect hall, and a Japanese garden.

22.He favors livid green-plaid sport coats and is very sallow and liverish looking, all splotches and rheum and exploded capillaries, a stub of a cigarette smoldering on his lower lip.

23."Rheum " species have been recorded as larval food plants for some Lepidoptera species including brown-tail, buff ermine, cabbage moth, large yellow underwing, and nutmeg moth.

24.In infants, the tear ducts ( that drain the tears ) occasionally fail to open, resulting in the overflow of tears onto the cheeks ( epiphora ) and rheum deposition on the surrounding skin.

25.A scientist at the university produced a new version of the Paracetamol tablet that is not as injurious to the liver, using the hepatoprotective effects of " Rheum emodi " roots and their aqueous and methanolic extracts.

26.The Syrian rhubarb a partially commercial vegetable collected from the nature in Eastern and Southern Anatolia, Northern Iraq and partly Northwestern Iran in early spring . " Rheum ribes " is considered as a valuable medicinal species in herbal medicine.

27.The edible part of the plant is the stem, which is eaten raw or cooked ( " ek _ ili 1 _ g1n " and " 1 _ k1nl1 yumurta " [ lit .'eggs with wild rhubarb, Rheum ribes'] in Northern Balochistan.

28.Meanwhile, the 3rd Brigade of the nationalist Reorganized 3rd Division advanced to the Rheum officinale Market ( Dahuangji,'YĞƖ ) region, the headquarters brigade of the nationalist Reorganized 3rd Division advanced to the Celestial Grandpa Temple ( Tianyemiao, ) Y7r?^ ) region, and the 20th Brigade of the nationalist Reorganized 3rd Division advanced to the Greater Poplar Lake ( Dayanghu,'YhgVn ) region.

29.She is the author or co-author of the botanical names of at least 216 taxa, including species of " Calligonum, Cortusa, Fragaria, Micranthes " and " Rheum ", as well as " Galanthus woronowii " and the Vladimir Komarov, after whom the Komarov Botanical Institute is named and who was the senior editor of the " Flora of the USSR " until his death in 1945.

30.The famous English herbalist Culpepper says'Our ordinary Houseleek is good for all inward heats, as well as outward, and in the eyes or other parts of the body : a posset made of the juice is singularly good in all hot agues, for it cooleth and tempereth the blood and spirits and quencheth the thirst; and is also good to stay all defluction or sharp and salt rheums in the eyes, the juice being dropped into them.

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