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English-Hindi > rostellum" sentence in Hindi

rostellum in a sentence

11.They are distinguished from the other subtribes of Vandeae by having an entire rostellum, a relatively small spur formed by the lip, and four ( or two ) pollinia.

12.When it becomes an adult, it attaches to the intestinal walls with its suckers and toothed rostellum and has its segments reaching out into the intestinal space to absorb food.

13.The rostellum is an organ of attachment of tapeworms, in addition to the surrounding bowel movement of the host, so that the tapeworm is not expelled along with the faeces.

14.Then the moth backs up over a foot and unrolls its proboscis, then flies forward, inserting it into a cleft in the rostellum which leads to the spur while gripping the labellum.

15.When the pollinator enters another flower of the same species, the pollinium has taken such position that it will stick to the stigma of the second flower, just below the rostellum, pollinating it.

16.It is characterized by unarmed scolex ( i . e ., hooks and rostellum are absent ), presence of two sets of reproductive systems in each proglottid, and each proglottid being very short but very broad.

17.At the upper edge of the stigma of single-anthered orchids, in front of the anther cap, is the rostellum ( "'5 "'), a slender extension involved in the complex pollination mechanism.

18.With the stick or grass blade, field hands lift the rostellum, the flap that separates the male anther from the female stigma, and then, with their thumbs, smear the sticky pollen from the anther over the stigma.

19.The adult stage consists of a scolex with four suckers and an armed rostellum, a short neck region, a series of immature proglottids with undeveloped reproductive organs, a series of mature proglottids with fully developed male and female reproductive organs, and a series of gravid proglottids with an expanded uterus filled with eggs.

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