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English-Hindi > saami" sentence in Hindi

saami in a sentence

21.Some implementations of . 300 Whisper meet the SAAMI specifications for 300 AAC Blackout.

22.Both SAAMI and Weatherby recommend a freebore of.

23.The SAAMI dimensions for the cartridge reflect this implementation of shoulder to neck transition.

24.There are no discrepancies between SAAMI and C . I . P . values.

25.SAAMI Maximum Average Pressure for 400 Cor-Bon is 35, 000 psi.

26.SAAMI recommended Maximum Average Pressure is set at.

27.As with other Weatherby cartridges, there are discrepancies between SAAMI and CIP dimensions.

28.Cartridge standards for the . 375 Ruger were issued by SAAMI in June 2007.

29.The specifications published by SAAMI reflect this fact.

30.Introduced in 2016, the 30 Nosler is a SAAMI approved and standardized cartridge.

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