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English-Hindi > sacrament" sentence in Hindi

sacrament in a sentence

21.Those attending sacrament meeting generally wear " Sunday formal " dress.

22.The building was raised during the remodel of Blessed Sacrament Cathedral.

23.In 2001 a small Chapel for the blessed Sacrament was built.

24.Like the Cathars, they therefore rejected the sacraments as well.

25.From this source all sacraments and sacramentals draw their power ."

26.The parts concerning the sacraments have been updated in July 2005.

27.It is therefore classified as a sacramental, not a sacrament.

28.The sacraments are only causes without which grace is not conferred.

29.The cards must be removed for Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament.

30.It's a question of what is a sacrament ."

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