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English-Hindi > saddle back" sentence in Hindi

saddle back in a sentence

11.Mandella won in 1997 with Siphon and then became only the fourth trainer to saddle back-to-back Big'Cap winners when Malek prevailed in a short four-horse field last year.

12.Each paid $ 17.80 . . . . Ron Ellis saddled back-to-back winners Profit Margin ( $ 5 ) and Collirio ( $ 4.60 ) . . ..

13.Henry Hoffman, a former editor at WQXR, the radio station of The New York Times, died Wednesday at Saddle Back Memorial Hospital in Laguna Hills, Calif . He was 87.

14.One of these tricks was when a rider removed his saddle and dismounted while riding at a full gallop and then remounted again fixing the saddle back on a horse.

15.Excessive lordotic curvature  lumbar hyperlordosis, is also called "'hollow back "', and "'saddle back "'; swayback usually refers to a nearly opposite postural misalignment that can initially look quite similar.

16.Each paid $ 17 . 80 . . . . Ron Ellis saddled back-to-back winners Profit Margin ( $ 5 ) and Collirio ( $ 4 . 60 ) . . ..

17.On the saddle back between the southern angle and the main range of hills has been cut a gap with remains of buildings said to have been the grass stacks of the fort.

18.And you'll find her at Hollywood Park bright and early this morning, though maybe an hour or two later than usual owing to the hangover she predicted she'll have after becoming the first person in Breeders'Cup history to saddle back-to-back winners in the Sprint.

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