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English-Hindi > salary increase" sentence in Hindi

salary increase in a sentence

21.The post is largely honorary and ceremonial, but comes with a salary increase.

22.Petrobras offered a 6 percent salary increase, which the federation rejected on Friday.

23.But the promise of a paltry salary increase will not affect his vote.

24.Netanyahu pledged to resist the proposal for an immediate 14 percent salary increase.

25.There was no indication how much the salary increase will cost the government.

26.The government said the salary increase will cost 27 billion pesos.

27.Judges will also get an 8 . 5 percent salary increase.

28.They have promised a 1, 000 percent salary increase to all state employees.

29.The difference is costing workers about one-fifth of their salary increase, workers said.

30.The annual salary increased to $ 15, 000 per year in January 1976.

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