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English-Hindi > salary increase" sentence in Hindi

salary increase in a sentence

31.Median said all public officials will see their salaries increase in January, 1997.

32.The unions now want a salary increase of 5-7 percent.

33.The system should resolve the problem of salaries increasing faster than profits or productivity.

34.I tried my best to remain a Marlin by not requesting a salary increase,

35.He denied suggestions that he was opposed to a salary increase for civil servants.

36.Regenvanu argued that this amounted to an unjustified 83 % salary increase for MPs.

37.The doctors are seeking a salary increase of 20 percent.

38.Salaries increased 1 . 6 percent in the Olathe district.

39.The soldiers wanted their salaries increased and British army officers replaced by African officers.

40.Teachers have not had a salary increase in five years.

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