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English-Hindi > scalawags" sentence in Hindi

scalawags in a sentence

21.When legislators and other scalawags stopped in, young Manuel loved to hear them talk.

22.The opponents of the scalawags claimed they were disloyal to traditional values of white supremacy.

23.In Alabama, Wiggins says scalawags dominated the Alabama General Assembly ( 39 % ).

24.That doesn't mean there aren't scalawags in politics, probably too many.

25."scalawag " and " by crikey " creeping into your vocabulary.

26.It appealed to the Scalawag element.

27.Fleischman later worked on several projects with Kirk Douglas, including " Scalawag ".

28.A boatman offers Pinocchio a ride to the jewel box, leaving Scalawag and Igor behind.

29.Democrats classified him as a scalawag.

30.But Newman is aware that he is in a business more laden with scalawags than even politics.

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