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English-Hindi > scalds" sentence in Hindi

scalds in a sentence

21.In a medium saucepan, scald the cream and milk with the vanilla bean.

22.Bring the milk just to boiling to scald.

23._Install anti-scald devices on your hot water heater and faucet handle.

24.Burns and scalds are dipped in tepid water.

25.An early name for the area was Scal'd Hill or Scald Hill.

26.:: High pressure steam will cut to the bone as well as scald.

27.Water above these temperatures can cause scald injuries.

28.He scalds Justin s right side of his face, before Justin kills him.

29.There are a number of ways to help guard against tap-water scald burns.

30.The tub shower has one of those one-handle, anti-scald valves.

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