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English-Hindi > scoundrel" sentence in Hindi

scoundrel in a sentence

31.On the other, who wants to associate with scoundrels?

32.And Saddam must be bottled up in a scoundrel's isolation.

33."Dirty Rotten Scoundrels " is a shiny gem polished to gleaming.

34.You know the dirty, rotten scoundrels I'm talking about.

35.I want to live long enough to see the scoundrels thrown out.

36.They'll break 100 victories when they throw the scoundrels out.

37.But with credits such as " Dirty Rotten Scoundrels,"

38.His film credits included " Death of a Scoundrel,"

39.On the matter, Remsen commented, " Fahlberg is a scoundrel.

40.Scoundrels is intelligent, bluesy, mature and unpredictable . . ."

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