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English-Hindi > scoundrel" sentence in Hindi

scoundrel in a sentence

41.She referred to him in her letters as a scoundrel.

42.Beauclerk has been described as " an unmitigated scoundrel ".

43.It was recorded that Godric was " a colourful old scoundrel ".

44.She even saves some little kids from a vampiric scoundrel.

45.Allan calls Poe a " scoundrel " for causing so many bills.

46.His last words were : " I know you, you scoundrel.

47.He has chops to spare, but never scoundrels them.

48.Aurelio Voltaire is a sweet-talking scoundrel known as Unwed Henry.

49.The last refuge of scoundrels used to be patriotism.

50.But " Jolson Sings Again " reduces scoundrel time to melodrama.

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