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English-Hindi > shithead" sentence in Hindi

shithead in a sentence

31.He beckons Otto into the Malibu, and Otto accepts eagerly, dismissing Leila's confession of love ( at which point she calls him a " shithead " and says " I'm glad I tortured you . " ).

32.At the conclusion of many of the early podcasts, Doug would state " As always, Willem Dafoe is a Shithead, " which resulted in so many people wondering about why, that Google searches began to automatically complete the phrase as a suggested match.

33.I do not condone Ed s shithead and asshole comment, but it was a once-off attack, made as an example of what one shouldn t say, and made to someone who for months had polluted the Wikipedia talk pages with obscenities and insults.

34.The same applies to the preposterous Judge Jose Gonzalez Jr ., who in ruling on Sheriff Navarro's raid opined that the music appeals to " the loins, not to the intellect . " In fact, I think they are a pair of racist shitheads who should be told to fuck right off.

35.His mother also tries to convert him, but he tells his mother that the Lord is a " shithead . " Retreating to the hills behind his home, Peekay meets a German professor, Karl von Vollensteen, to whom Peekay refers as " Doc . " Doc is a music professor and botanist who collects cacti and has his own cacti garden.

36.Shayne has been seeing China Blue as a customer and declares a misguided need to " save " her . ( When he says, " Save your soul, whore ! ", she replies, " Save your money, shithead . " ) Underscoring Shayne's contradictory nature is the cache of sex toys he carries in a small doctor's bag with his Bible.

37.Judge Richard A . Posner, who was a law clerk at the Court during the latter part of Douglas's tenure, characterized him as " a bored, distracted, uncollegial, irresponsible " Supreme Court justice, as well as " rude, ice-cold, hot-tempered, ungrateful, foul-mouthed, self-absorbed " and so abusive in " treatment of his staff to the point where his law clerks whom he described as'the lowest form of human life' took to calling him " shithead " behind his back . " Posner asserts also that " Douglas's judicial oeuvre is slipshod and slapdash . " Yet, says Posner, Douglas's " intelligence, his energy, his academic and government experience, his flair for writing, the leadership skills that he had displayed at the SEC, and his ability to charm when he bothered to try " could have let him " become the greatest justice in history ."

38.These include " a dirty-faced child ", [ Dandelions, 39 ] a " chinless creature with slack stockings ", [ 39 ] and " a baby with a big head and a chalk-white face who didn't look as though it was for this world long . " [ 39 ] All " her ever thinks about is her belly, she would eat a raw monkey if there was any chance . " [ 41 ] In a long poem, he describes lots of people one might encounter in a dole office : " the wives of unemployed window cleaners, threadbare dandies, part-time tatooists, ex-bin men with double ruptures, alcoholic chefs, addleheads, pinheads, honest clerks, and loud-mouthed shitheads, with hanging trouser arses, flyboys and water-headed idiots led by their mothers, and reasonable men, genuine victims with polished shoes . " [ 44 ] Also a man who helps poor people make claims : " a master of claims and benefits, a poor man's lawyer in fact ", [ 57 ] helping " a poverty-stricken illiterate ", [ 57 ] and " men who have put their hopes on horses-men that have lived beyond their women, and those who were always too ill-shaped to love, and so loved drink . . . and laughing men, who have boozed their dead wives club money, and those that sleep late and stand waiting for opening time ", [ 58 ] for " drinking men often die lonely deaths, those who have forsaken women and have died in their camaraderie of booze . " [ 64 ] As opposed to those " dutiful husbands who have faced up to their responsibilities and not drunk every penny they could get their hands on . " [ 64 ] He describes " an old man in a gate hole spits into the cobbled backs and watches a young woman with a fat behind, pinning washing out, in a pair of slacks . " [ 65 ] He describes a pub regular called Bernard who " has a small stomach and has difficulty in polishing off a bag of crisps at one go ", [ 67 ] Love, Berry suggests, " is also often held in silence and sometimes you don't know it's been there till it's gone . " [ 86]

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