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English-Hindi > shofar" sentence in Hindi

shofar in a sentence

41.There was a shofar in the camp.

42.They wanted, no, they needed, to hear the call of the shofar.

43.Suddenly the camp commander stormed furiously into the area where Moshe was blowing the shofar.

44.Rovai, played the shofar for his congregation during Rosh Hashana on Sept . 20.

45."I'm expecting to hear the shofar with different ears ."

46.This was interpreted by the Jewish sages as referring to the sounding of the shofar.

47.In the Temple in Jerusalem, the shofar was sometimes used together with the trumpet.

48.Shofar first indicated in Yovel ( Jubilee Year Lev . 25 : 8 13 ).

49.The shofar was blown in the times of Joshua 5 to help him capture Jericho.

50.In a few communities a " shofar " is sounded after each circuit.

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