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English-Hindi > shooting pain" sentence in Hindi

shooting pain in a sentence

11.For Davies, a muscle-rib spasm sent shooting pains through her body during the summer.

12.Last week, Ross Macfarlane had shooting pains around his ribs.

13.:Type, such as ache, sharp pain, diffuse pain, shooting pain.

14.When the piece hits my nerve, I get real bad shooting pains down my leg.

15.I keep getting these shooting pains and then I am back in the dumps again.

16.I felt this shooting pain go through my ankle.

17.He also has a shooting pain between his shoulder blades that runs into his arm.

18."I had a sharp shooting pain and I couldn't move, " she said after the match.

19.For the first 20 or 30 swings, I would just have shooting pains down my arm.

20.Her left arm was almost entirely numb, except for shooting pains when she flexed her neck.

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