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English-Hindi > site facility" sentence in Hindi

site facility in a sentence

31.It also makes use both of the Centre Site facilities and those of the local leisure centre, the latter offering students access to sports activities and a dance studio.

32.In 1989, the site was included on the National Priority List and became regulated by the Westinghouse Savannah River Company ( WSRC ) assumed management and operation of site facilities.

33.The company promised new studies on the impact of cruise ship noise on whales and said it would finance on-site facility to respond to an oil spill in the park.

34.All students can use the on-site facilities such as the Moser Theatre, squash court, gym, kitchen, laundry room, music practice rooms and various meeting rooms.

35.The growth in popularity of caravanning has been enhanced by improvements in caravan quality and caravan site facilities making caravan holidays possible at any time of the year not just summer months.

36.Transmitter site facilities on Black Ridge were constructed in 1998 and the original studio facilities on West Independent were constructed in 1999 . KAFM went on the air March 5, 1999.

37.This is combined with an off-site facility and infrastructure ( known as a hot site ) in which to restore systems from those tapes in the event of a disaster.

38.Onshore recirculating aquaculture systems, facilities using polyculture techniques, and properly sited facilities ( for example, offshore areas with strong currents ) are examples of ways to manage negative environmental effects.

39.The only on-site facilities provided for spectators were a series of bleachers for the award ceremonies and an information booth on the west edge of the site on the marina green.

40.Other site facilities include electric and wood barbecues, two boat ramps, kiosk ( bread, milk, ice, firewood and sundries ), kayak hire and children's playground.

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