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English-Hindi > site facility" sentence in Hindi

site facility in a sentence

41.The National Archives of Malta offers services available to all residents of Malta, although many of its on-site facilities are only open to residents over the age of sixteen years.

42."It takes a number of months, much longer than is embedded in these assumptions, to get equipment, site facilities and meet local zoning requirements, " said Ackerman.

43.In 1991, the mixed waste management facility became the first site facility to be closed and certified under the provisions of RCRA . L Reactor and M Area settling basin were shut down.

44.About 200 workers who may have risked exposure from the off-site facility, including White House mail workers who may have handled a tainted letter, are being given antibiotics, he said.

45.The 59-year-old mail handler, who worked in an off-site facility in Sterling, Va ., returned home Friday after 16 days in a Washington-area hospital.

46.The tour said that better medical on-site facilities and guidance have decreased the average number of injuries and illnesses per tournament to 2.07 last year from 4.57 in 1989.

47.Web Collection is a web site facility which requires customers to enter just the basic details of the package-the collection address, contact details, time of collection, package size and weight.

48.In addition to on-site workshops and events, Priscilla Beach Theatre often brings directors, educators, performances and performers to several off-site facilities such as local schools and art centers.

49.While Helton is responsible for on-site facility inspections and all the negotiating and juggling of dates as the schedule takes shape, France gives out the final stamp of approval on a yearly basis.

50.This off-site facility in Quincy, Massachusetts, includes holding space for animals during exhibit renovations, quarantine space for new arrivals, and is home to the marine animal rescue and rehabilitation center.

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