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English-Hindi > spit and polish" sentence in Hindi

spit and polish in a sentence

11.And he never forgot the attention to spit and polish, in his work or play.

12.Yet he doesn't see himself as a " spit and polish soldier ."

13.This modest hotel is neatly kept, with its front lawn clipped like a spit and polish mustache.

14.To try to maintain order the " spit and polish " regime was enforced and route marches ordered.

15.For the lack of a little spit and polish, the structure may be torn down after the Games.

16.Officials say what really counts on essays is not so much the spit and polish, but the soul.

17.In Series 3, Judee has started up a beauty salon with Charlie Hull called " Spit and Polish ".

18.If ever American yachtsmen needed a victory to put spit and polish back into their image, this is the time.

19.Milne enjoyed the formal atmosphere of service in the royal squadron, with its emphasis on ceremony, spit and polish.

20.When he returned from the weekend, only " some spit and polish ", according to Mason, was needed.

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