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English-Hindi > spit and polish" sentence in Hindi

spit and polish in a sentence

21.An American flag fills the entire screen as Scott, all spit and polish, strides on and delivers a smart salute.

22.It's clean and beautiful, but if you want spit and polish, Urban Jem is more laid back than that.

23.It was a reference to the grumbling that erupted on the Raiders when Shanahan brought a bit of spit and polish to the practice sessions.

24.Age of Mythology has a hefty and engaging campaign, beautiful presentation and all of the spit and polish to satisfy for a long time.

25.The upgrade of Bagram to headquarter status means a bit more spit and polish for the air base north of the Afghan capital of Kabul.

26.It earned a reputation among the hardscrabble Western units for its spit and polish, and was often held as an example of good soldiering.

27.Much farther east, toward Washington, Prince Michel de Virginia winery provides a jolt of spit and polish, which some might call unabashed glitz.

28.Soon Danner, Moore, and LeGros joined the project, and such casting gives the film far more spit and polish than most first features.

29.Not only is life too short to be fighting things like that, but I think it even adds some spit and polish to the project.

30.Unfortunately, Jim McKay's well-intentioned low-budget picture could've benefited from a little of that ol'MGM spit and polish.

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