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English-Hindi > spit and polish" sentence in Hindi

spit and polish in a sentence

31.Beneath the last-minute spit and polish, the Philippine economy and business environment are in their best shape in more than a decade, analysts said.

32.I've been working on this article for some time now, and I think it's finally had enough spit and polish to qualify for our featured articles.

33.Messing calls special operations soldiers the " hippies of the Army " _ many albeit with whitewalls around the ears _ because of their distaste for military spit and polish.

34.It started with the first commander, Major General Bryant E . Moore, who was quoted in his obituary as having whipped a sloppy occupation force into a spit and polish outfit.

35.Lest anyone gets any wild ideas about taking the spit and polish military closer to peace and love California, the Coast Guard can rest assured that yoga on Governors Island will not become routine.

36.But the last-minute spit and polish won't erase the biggest threat to the country's fragile reputation as an increasingly peaceful place, safe for tourism, trade and investment.

37.Bradley, who is often criticized as short on oratory spit and polish, looked relaxed and at ease in front of a sea of familiar faces that included boyhood friends, teachers and coaches.

38."At first the Scots of 52nd Division and the Canadians did not see eye to eye, with a cultural clash of untidy and'undisciplined'Canadians against'spit and polish'Scots.

39.It's precisely this social dimension that Louis Farrakhan understands _ and seeks to communicate to his followers through, among other means, the semi-military spit and polish of his Fruit of Islam bodyguards.

40.Tim Moore, the museum's director of communications, admitted that the Rock Hall still required some " spit and polish " before its official opening at 12 : 30 p . m . today.

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