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English-Hindi > spit and polish" sentence in Hindi

spit and polish in a sentence

41.The singer's father, Wendell Crow, 72, said Kappos showed up at his offices two days later, in his Navy dress whites, " a spit and polish sailor " who made a good impression.

42.Initially he rubbed the lamp thinking that with a little spit and polish, it would bring a few more bucks but it instead releases a genie whom Daffy pushes him back down thinking he was trying to steal the treasure.

43.Here's a case of good actors, a genuinely skilled director and all the spit and polish that Hollywood can muster selling a rattletrap used car and convincing the customers that we're getting a heck of a deal.

44.In Series 3, Charlie forms a partnership with Judee Levinson at the " Spit and Polish " beauty salon, where he is soon asked to give " extras " to customers ( i . e . helping them masturbate ).

45.:: I don't think it's ready-- it's not that it isn't close, but it needs a lot more than just final FA " spit and polish " to get ready.

46.For example, trainees always take their grooming kit along with them on marches and at dawn, when back at the base with aching bones, devote whatever little time is left they have to rest to'spit and polish '.

47.Described by Paul as " essentially an American-International teenybopper pic with a lot more spit and polish ", it was 1973's third biggest film and, likewise, by far the highest-earning teen-themed movie yet made.

48.Carpenter was one of the cadets who sailed on " Santee " on August 2, 1865, to return to the USNA at Annapolis, Maryland, where the strict pre-war discipline and decorum of spit and polish was reinstituted.

49.One contrivance details the operation of an 18th-century masting machine, for lowering a mast timber into a ship through holes cut in each deck, then securing it to the keel; another reconstructs an 18th-century dredge, all spit and polish.

50.The secret was found to rest not only in spit and polish, but in the superior Australian boot polish, a commodity which was soon exchanged with the Americans on a fluctuating basis of so many packets of cigarettes for one can of Kiwi boot polish.

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