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English-Hindi > spit up" sentence in Hindi

spit up in a sentence

1.He also had a frequent hacking cough and sometimes spit up blood.

2."My father used to tell me don't spit up in the air,"

3.Each day, it spits up tons of lava, sulfuric gases and ash.

4.On children : " Try to get one that doesn't spit up.

5.She spit up on me, and I knew she was ours,

6.Santorum practically spits up his Senate bean soup on the subject.

7.Birds including owls, hawks and herons will spit up what they couldn't digest.

8.Kornheiser will make you spit up your cornflakes, he's so good.

9.Quillon talks to Tulwar about his deceptions then spits up blood and passes out.

10.However, the liquid spits up at his face and changes Einstein into an Ood.

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