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English-Hindi > spit up" sentence in Hindi

spit up in a sentence

11.Musser told Gray that Matthew had spit up and choked.

12.Last year, he spit up blood after a goal-line hit from Steelers linebacker Greg Lloyd.

13.And you wonder why I spit up on it.

14.Baseball history knows better than to bet against the Mariners'chance to spit up on themselves.

15.You're gonna be poked, pinched, you'll be wet on, you'll be spit up on ."

16.You spit up a little blood now and then.

17."We have a saying on the coast : Whatever a lizard swallows, it doesn't spit up,"

18.The other day, he spit up on her sweater, missing the burp rag on her shoulder.

19.Every morning in my house we have to check to see what the cats spit up.

20.He kept his head down except when he turned it to the side to spit up blood.

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