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English-Hindi > spit up" sentence in Hindi

spit up in a sentence

41.Miller said he picked up the baby and she " started to spit up white stuff, " according to a police report.

42.There once was a railroad tram system that cut 7 miles through the island from the southern sand-spit up to the camp.

43.The man, the charismatic and handsome Virgil Incanto ( Timothy Carhart ), suffocates his overweight date, Lauren, with a gelatinous substance he spits up.

44.For a day or two, St . John was hoping not to have to tell her guest python, " Now, spit up the cat ."

45.Concerned that I didn't change Joey's clothes every time he spit up, which would have been an hourly task, she would change him behind my back.

46."I felt if he got involved in the process, he'd get so eaten up, spit up and chewed out he probably wouldn't even vote again ."

47.Watching babies and toddlers cry and spit up on television can feel an awful lot like visiting a friend who is ministering to children when you aren't.

48.A couple of birdies and just one more bogey kept folks from saying he spit up on himself on his first competitive day back in the cul-de-sac'hood.

49.And if he'd spit up a second lead in two days, he might have considered a slow boat to Bainbridge rather than the Sox charter back to Beantown.

50.Mighty Casey could strike out, hit into a double play and spit up an entire chaw of tobacco while you're still trying to get a bowl of chili.

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