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English-Hindi > springe" sentence in Hindi

springe in a sentence

41.In 1646, Winthrop wrote to Springe, " I loved you truely ( sic ) before I could think that you took any notice of me; but now I embrace you and rest in your love : and delight to solace my first thoughts in these sweet affections of so dear a friend ."

42."Seekonk " was built in 1943 as " Summit Springe " ( MC hull 902 ) under a Maritime Commission contract by the Marine Maintenance Corp ., now East Coast Shipyards, Inc ., Bayonne, New Jersey, launched on 24 May 1943 sponsored by Miss Gladys G . Merrick; and commissioned on 10 February 1944, Lt . ( jg . ) Albert E . Eldred, USNR, in command.

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