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English-Hindi > squeamishness" sentence in Hindi

squeamishness in a sentence

31.Thomas found that lack of basic information more than ingrown squeamishness was why many women shunned the outdoors.

32.A notable difference in medical practice is a result of the lack of squeamishness displayed by the Barast.

33.Some participants had little patience for any perceived squeamishness among Republicans on the need to press aggressively against abortion.

34.Nusser said he had encountered no squeamishness from customers confronted with a cold, raw egg in their noodles.

35.These issues can be ticklish, no question, but they're badly served by silence or squeamishness.

36.Nor can I plead personal squeamishness, because I sometimes use these terms in private conversation and in writing fiction.

37.Schumer said he felt a similar squeamishness after accepting a job as a corporate lawyer upon finishing Harvard Law School.

38.Lately, he has heard a lot more squeamishness than bullishness, and much of it stems from terrorism worries.

39.Those changes reflect a growing unease, even squeamishness, with the fact of power, specifically, Western power.

40.Others in the business predict that the same squeamishness will drive new players like Ford Credit and KeyCorp from the scene.

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