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English-Hindi > stanford white" sentence in Hindi

stanford white in a sentence

21.Prominent architect Stanford White is credited with designing the original shingle style frame barracks.

22.The Neo-Renaissance style by Stanford White.

23.In 2015, he received Stanford White Award.

24."Underneath the entrancing Stanford White surface is predation, " she writes.

25.For Ms . Lessard, Stanford White's life came to resemble body memories.

26.Beauty and Danger in the Stanford White Family

27.The tomb was designed by Stanford White with bronze reliefs by Augustus Saint-Gaudens.

28.In 1906, Tiffany created stained glass windows for the Stanford White-designed headquarters.

29.She was to present a pitiful portrait of innocence betrayed by the lascivious Stanford White.

30.Thaw had been judged insane in his trial for murdering architect Stanford White in 1906.

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