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English-Hindi > stanford white" sentence in Hindi

stanford white in a sentence

31.Through these projects, Caldwell became a friend of Stanford White ( 1853 1906 ).

32.The last major addition occurred in 1895 when Stanford White enlarged the west drawing room.

33.Harry Buttrick is a partner, Ann an associate _ and a granddaughter of Stanford White.

34.GREENPOINT BANK, 130 Bowery, at Grand Street, is a 1894 Stanford White landmark.

35.Candid about his dislike of Thaw, Stanford White warned Nesbit to stay away from him.

36.In 1907 and 1908, Jerome prosecuted Harry Kendall Thaw for the murder of Stanford White.

37.It is located at 4 East 60th Street, in a building designed by Stanford White.

38.Harry Thaw used a similar defense during his trial for the murder of architect Stanford White.

39.Davenport & Co . executed Stanford White's furniture designs for the State Dining Room.

40.The ponderous, piercing column, finished in 1908, was Stanford White's final creation.

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