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English-Hindi > stanford white" sentence in Hindi

stanford white in a sentence

41.Several are open to the public, including works by Hunt, Horace Trumbauer and Stanford White.

42.The Episcopal church was founded in 1835 and had a triple-portal designed by Stanford White.

43.The interior of the Casino, while generally outlined by McKim, was entrusted to Stanford White.

44.It was designed by McKim, Mead, and White, with Stanford White supervising the project.

45.Sometime c . 1899, the owner Colonel Oliver Hazard Payne, commissioned noted architect Stanford White.

46.Like the architect Stanford White, Rhind was a leader in the " American Renaissance " movement.

47.But a nude Diana wasn't half as shocking as the life and death of Stanford White.

48.The building that replaced it was a Beaux-Arts structure designed by the noted architect Stanford White.

49.Governor Al Smith and others frequented the Atlantic Yacht Club, whose clubhouse was designed by Stanford White.

50.Stanford White was slain by Harry K . Thaw months before construction of the Colony Club was completed.

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