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English-Hindi > steading" sentence in Hindi

steading in a sentence

21."' Brotchie s steading "', is a ruined croft house just to the West of Dunnet Church.

22.Noble was also inspired by the idea of renovating a semi-derelict farmhouse steading at Ostaig as a Gaelic cultural centre.

23.Although the village name comes from a geographical feature rather than a steading it is generally believed to be an ancient settlement.

24.Jim Version has engineered and co-produced various records by other artists at Steading Studios, including albums by John Kenny.

25.This is a 19th-century farm steading on the site of the 12th-century drinking hall of Erling of Tankerness.

26.The blend is 63 % Roussanne 21 % Viognier 16 % Marsanne and the elevage is similar to that of the Steading Blanc.

27.In the middle of the 19th century Bathville comprised only a farm-steading, a coal pit and a row of houses.

28.It was located around what is today St Nicholas farmhouse at the Steading, between Albany Park and the East Sands Leisure Centre.

29.It was sold to a private developer, Hugh Kinnaird, who refurbished the main farmhouse and converted the steading into 3 houses.

30.Soon after this the river comes to Torhouse Mill, one of the early mills which, incorporating a farm steading, ground corn.

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