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English-Hindi > steady state" sentence in Hindi

steady state in a sentence

11.The scene continues to grow brighter and eventually reaches a steady state.

12.As Kawasaki himself noted this precludes any treatment of nonequilibrium steady states.

13.These have poor power density, working well only at a steady state.

14.The population has steady states at n = 0, b / a.

15.In chemistry, a steady state is a more general situation than dynamic equilibrium.

16.Because of this interrelationship, the set of possible steady states forms a hyperbola:

17.This is kind of the new, steady state we've created ."

18.Everyone talks about some kind of reduction or at least a steady state.

19.An unstable system is one that diverges from the steady state.

20.This makes the signal analysis straightforward ( steady state implies constant signals ).

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