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English-Hindi > stiletto heel" sentence in Hindi

stiletto heel in a sentence

11.He is credited with the design of the first stiletto heel in 1954.

12.Furious, Hedy kills him, gouging his eye with her stiletto heel.

13.Bags were fancy and small, shoes were sexy and strapy, with stiletto heels.

14.On Tuesday night at Denver's Lotus Lounge, pink miniskirts and stiletto heels abound.

15.The sneakers run circles around stiletto heels . . . and glass slippers.

16.Big shoulders have cropped up everywhere, not to mention stiletto heels.

17.For accessories, you'll see the feminine stiletto heel, crocodile purse, and clutch handbag.

18._Stiletto heels and boots look absolutely wonderful, but not when the model stumbles.

19.Taking the high road : Who'll wear fashion's new favorite high stiletto heels?

20.But Kina does like skintight red leather pants and stiletto heels.

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