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English-Hindi > stormtrooper" sentence in Hindi

stormtrooper in a sentence

21.She later uses the " Jedi mind trick " to compel her stormtrooper guard to let her escape.

22.The order of battle of the Stormtrooper Corps is unspecified in the " Star Wars " universe.

23.During World War II he fought as an SS stormtrooper and was killed in action in 1945 near Berlin.

24.And look at the new Stormtrooper action figures, the anonymous armored henchmen from " Star Wars ."

25.There's nothing like choking a stormtrooper with the power of the force or pushing a guard off a ledge!

26.Adam Sandler, the Beta Band, John Waters, " DOOM 3 " . . . stormtrooper costumes . ..

27.They dub him Stormtrooper because he looks like a " Star Wars " soldier hiding beneath a wide hat and sunglasses.

28.After reuniting with everyone, an Imperial officer appears on the viewscreen, giving a general alert for the missing stormtrooper.

29.The case concerned an intellectual property dispute over the production of Lucasfilm's Stormtrooper costumes by model maker Andrew Ainsworth.

30.Left alone with a stormtrooper guarding her, Rey uses a Jedi mind trick to get him to help free her.

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