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English-Hindi > stridulate" sentence in Hindi

stridulate in a sentence

21.Many katydids stridulate at a tempo which is governed by ambient temperature, so that the number of chirps in a defined period of time can produce a fairly accurate temperature reading.

22.The 4-segmented legs are well-developed; the front legs are used to stridulate by rubbing against the margin of the epipharynx, a habit unique to this family.

23.They may also perform a characteristic, stridulating threat display, in which counterlooped coils and the lower serrated, keeled scales are rubbed against one another to produce a loud hissing noise.

24.The inner surface of the palm of the larger claw in both sexes features stridulating ( sound-producing ) ridges, which is important for identifying different species within the subfamily Ocypodinae.

25.When green ( and harmless ) katydids begin stridulating, or rubbing their wings and legs to clamor " Katydid, Katydidn't, " they are seeking mates and establishing territory.

26.The male of this species produces its underwater courtship song by stridulating a ridge on its penis across corrugations on its abdomen, the area involved measuring only 50 micrometres across, or about the thickness of a human hair.

27.Further effects of female calling on male's behavior are illustrated by spiders that have been shown to stridulate before copulation to inform males of sexual receptivity as well as during intercourse in order to influence male genitalic movements.

28.In the " Iliad ", Homer compares the Trojans to stridulating grasshoppers, implying, suggests the classicist Gordon Lindsay Campbell, that they make a lot of noise but are weaker and less determined than they think.

29.While this " spoon-and-washboard " anatomy is a well-known sound-producing apparatus in insects ( see stridulation ), it had not been well documented in vertebrates ( some snakes stridulate too, but they do not have dedicated anatomical features for it ).

30.Mole crickets stridulate like other crickets by scraping the rear edge of the left forewing, which forms a plectrum, against the lower surface of the right forewing, which has a ratchet-like series of asymmetric teeth : the more acute edges face backwards, as do those of the plectrum.

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