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English-Hindi > succubus" sentence in Hindi

succubus in a sentence

21.Saunaginnan demonstrates his power by reviving the previously deleted Reversian Succubus and Speckionian Genio.

22.This reveals that she's a succubus, who was on the hunt.

23.CHALICE OF THE SUCCUBUS awaits your thirsts.

24.Enchantress was stripped of her powers when the Succubus left her body to possess Nightshade.

25.In addition he discussed his new game " Succubus : The Reborn ".

26.The presence of the succubus has caused a plague of undeath in the fortified city.

27.The succubus wishes to have Jake; she believes he will be a powerful ally.

28.To prove his determination Gil fights and defeats Ki ( who fights like Succubus ).

29.Better known as'Ellie', a succubus, and ally of John Constantine.

30.Both Genio and Succubus are reduced to the orb chunks that were in their possession.

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