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English-Hindi > sundried" sentence in Hindi

sundried in a sentence

21.Of the Sundried Tomato Goat Cheese Appetizers, judge Susan Mayo of Farm Fresh Supermarkets said, " You want to go back for another bite, " and I agree.

22.You can start your meal with magret of duck millefeuille ( duck breast served with sundried cherry compote and balsamico glaze ) followed by the second course of corn velvet chowder.

23.These rectangular layered cheese spreads come in many flavors, but we particularly liked the sundried tomato-garlic version . ( Six ounces for $ 3.95 at Draeger's)

24.Honor was cast in the lead role in the TV movie adaptation of Fionnuala's misery-lit novel, " Mommy, they've never heard of Sundried Tomatoes ".

25.We're so used to cilantro pesto and wild thyme pesto and sundried tomato pesto and green chile pesto that it's easy to forget its origins : Liguria, and basil.

26.After we reached Freshwater Landing, another sparse accommodation that we shared with a dozen independent trekkers spread over two rooms of bunks, Matt prepared a scrumptious dinner of pasta, sundried tomatoes and mushrooms.

27.And, of course, there was plenty to drink and tasty food from 18 participating restaurants that offered entrees like sauteed corvina with cabernet sauce and farfalla with sundried tomatoes in tomato cream vodka sauce.

28.For January, guests can feast on Italianni's Grilled Pork Chops, Classic Baked Ziti, Spaghetti Puttanesca, Fettucine with Sundried Tomato Alfredo, Grilled Fresh Fish Sandwich, Penne Remigio, and Chicken Scampi.

29.The main course, " Be My Valentine ", comprised lemon-marinated chicken breast and braised tiger prawns, served with sundried tomatoes, garlic potatoes and vegetables like leek, eggplant and zucchini.

30.Bordeau's Blackened Salmon Oscar ( $ 23 ) with fresh aparagus and lump crabmeat is served over sweet potato gnocchi; and Mediterranean Grouper ( $ 19 ) is topped with sundried tomatoes, feta cheese and olives.

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