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English-Hindi > tabernacles" sentence in Hindi

tabernacles in a sentence

11.Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir; " Purpose by Design,"

12.The Tabernacle houses an organ consisting of 11, 623 pipes.

13.The Tabernacle United Reformed Church at Llanvaches survives to this day.

14.The Jimmie Davis Tabernacle is located near Weston in Jackson Parish.

15.Is not pushed aside by the commandments to construct the Tabernacle.

16.The central feature of the tabernacle is the large pipe organ.

17.Some Tabernacles are veiled when the Eucharist is present in them.

18.Niches surrounding the tabernacle contain statues of angels and various saints.

19.Also " Jewish Tabernacle " is a bit of an anachronism.

20.The tabernacle after Mass and displayed in a monstrance during adoration.

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