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English-Hindi > tagatose" sentence in Hindi

tagatose in a sentence

21.While progress had been made in creating a market for this innovative sweetener, it had not been possible to identify a large enough potential to justify continued investments, and SweetGredients decided to close down the manufacturing of tagatose in Nordstemmen, Germany.

22.Shares of Beltsville, Maryland's Biospherics, which makes a sugar substitute known as tagatose, tripled to a record 12 1 / 8 in trading of 829, 500 shares, more than 67 times its three-month average daily volume.

23.No acid is produced from adonitol, arabinose, arbutin, cellobiose, dulcitol, fucose, galactose, inositol, inulin, lactose, maltose, mannitol, mannose, melezitose, melibiose, raffinose, rhamnose, ribose, salicin, sorbose, or tagatose.

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