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English-Hindi > tax abatement" sentence in Hindi

tax abatement in a sentence

11.A tax abatement by the city sweetened the deal.

12.City officials provided $ 3.9 million in real estate tax abatements.

13.The buildings are also eligible for a 20-year city tax abatement.

14.A tax abatement sought from the city to help with costs was unsuccessful.

15.The city of Memphis provided a property tax abatement to encourage its renovation.

16.While buildings are still getting tax abatements the apartments are not eligible for deregulation.

17.Forty-three cities offered property tax abatements in an effort to recruit Galaxy.

18.The company received tax abatements on both projects.

19.As a compensating benefit, the city provides a real-estate tax abatement.

20.Tax abatements, financial incentives and small public works initiatives will help offset costs.

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