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English-Hindi > tax planning" sentence in Hindi

tax planning in a sentence

31.Some of those shelters ultimately may be approved in audits as aggressive but lawful tax planning.

32.Deluxe version goodies : Access to IRS publications, some tax planning functions, video clips from experts.

33.In August 2013, Intuit Inc . acquired tax planning software Good April for an undisclosed amount.

34.Hughes is considering the move to diversify his estate and for tax planning purposes, Herbalife said.

35.SFM is a member of the International Tax Planning Association and the International Financial Management Association.

36.International tax planning ensures that cross-border businesses stay tax compliant and avoid or lessen double taxation.

37.For families with college-bound students, the strategies for receiving more aid can be like year-end tax planning.

38.There is no sense sweating to earn extra income just to lose it to poor tax planning.

39.The Republican landslide in last week's elections has suddenly made year-end tax planning a lot more interesting.

40.A VEBA trust is one of the most flexible though underused business and personal tax planning tools.

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