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English-Hindi > tax rebate" sentence in Hindi

tax rebate in a sentence

1.Are those tax rebate checks in the mail part of the problem?

2.George W . Bush will not buy stuff with his tax rebate.

3.That state approved a $ 701 million income tax rebate this year.

4.Tax rebates for improved energy efficiency are expected to cost RM12 billion.

5.The tax rebates might even encourage businesses to replenish merchandise for Christmas.

6.Opponents of the plan criticize this tax rebate due to its costs.

7.The government also ended two years of income tax rebates in July.

8.Americans began receiving income tax rebate checks in the mail this month.

9.Without a tax rebate, growth could be negative in the second half.

10.It also ended two years of tax rebates and boosted medical insurance premiums.

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