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English-Hindi > throbbing" sentence in Hindi

throbbing in a sentence

21.Patient often reports symptoms of paresthesia, pain, and throbbing.

22.The hitters began to display a robust, throbbing pulse.

23.But the throbbing ache of the original is long gone.

24.The purple slimy alien half throbbing inside is bad news.

25.Sondheim's work was weighed down by throbbing vocalism.

26.Eszterhas, the great throbbing brain behind " Showgirls,"

27.Brisby has experienced cold spells as well as throbbing pain.

28.Yorke, now 25, has appealed for throbbing support.

29."It's throbbing right now,"

30.His noggin was throbbing and he probably should have taken a break.

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