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English-Hindi > tidal volume" sentence in Hindi

tidal volume in a sentence

21.If the patient's minute volume is insufficient, mandatory delivery of the preset tidal volume will occur until the minute volume is achieved.

22.There are two extreme breathing patterns and that the extra-inspired tidal volume is an artificial construct associated with one of these patterns.

23.Information received from stretch receptors in the lungs limits tidal volume ( i . e . the depth of inhalation and exhalation ).

24.In tests on 861 patients at 10 university medical centers, researchers found 40 percent died with the customary breaths, known as tidal volume.

25.If there is a change in the mechanical properties of the lung / thorax and patient effort, the delivered tidal volume will be affected.

26.However, the reflex may determine breathing rate and depth in newborns and in adult humans when tidal volume is more than 1 L, as when exercising.

27.In Fowler's original study, the anatomic dead space was 156 ?28 mL ( n = 45 males ) or 26 % of their tidal volume.

28.Also the 18 full breaths per minute with 500ml tidal volume is for someone who is awake-you breath more slowly and less deeply when you are asleep.

29.The initial article by Sellick was based on a small sample size at a time when high tidal volumes, head-down positioning, and barbiturate anesthesia were the rule.

30.Then, the airway pressure drops to zero, and the elastic recoil of the chest wall and lungs push the tidal volume  the breath-out through passive exhalation.

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