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English-Hindi > tidal volume" sentence in Hindi

tidal volume in a sentence

31.It concluded that small breaths, measured in " low tidal volume, " resulted in a lower death rate _ 31 percent versus 40 percent for large breaths.

32.The initial article by Sellick was based on a small sample size at a time when high tidal volumes, head-down positioning and barbiturate anesthesia were the rule.

33.The Bohr equation is used to quantify the ratio of physiological dead space to the total tidal volume, and gives an indication of the extent of wasted ventilation.

34."' Open lung ventilation "'is a strategy that is utilized by several modes of mechanical ventilation to combine low tidal volume and applied PEEP to maximize recruitment of alveoli.

35.For the whole human lung, given an indicative tidal volume of 0.6 L and a functional residual capacity of 2.5 L, average SV is of the order of 0.24.

36.For someone who is not a critical care nurse . . . . The tidal volume is the amount of air which is normally inhaled and exhaled during breathing.

37.:The tidal volume ( volume of a normal breath ) of a human is about 500 mL . The usual respiratory rate varies between 12 to 20 breaths per minute.

38.This mode is a form of continuous mandatory ventilation as a minimum number of passive breaths will be time-triggered, and patient-initiated breaths are time-cycled and regulated according to operator-set tidal volume.

39.Possibly as the result of depression of the central inspiratory drive, propofol may produce significant decreases in respiratory rate, minute volume, tidal volume, mean inspiratory flow rate, and functional residual capacity.

40.Static lung volumes refer to the volumes of air inhaled or exhaled without reference to time, such as the tidal volume . Tuckerekcut 23 : 07, 24 September 2006 ( UTC)

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