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English-Hindi > tidal waters" sentence in Hindi

tidal waters in a sentence

11.Tidal waters reach to just downstream of the Maclean's Bridge.

12.It follows tidal waters for about 13 miles, 4 of which are open sea.

13.The Solent is a comparatively shallow stretch of tidal water.

14.It also prevents the salty tidal waters from entering the Dee fresh water basin.

15.Tidal water will be stored and then let out to generate electricity using four turbines.

16.Very soon there was a demand for these ferries to be used in tidal waters.

17.Nimbus is on exhibit in the Tidal Waters Gallery.

18.Llanddona fish weir is a V-shaped trap, typically used when trapping fish in tidal waters.

19.It is found in shallow, tidal waters with a bed of mud, sand or gravel.

20.When the Dutch settlers arrived they found its tidal waters turbulent and difficult to handle.

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