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English-Hindi > tidbits" sentence in Hindi

tidbits in a sentence

31.And there were other tidbits she picked up about this alternative lifestyle.

32."I don't write about juicy tidbits.

33.By themselves, these tidbits of datajunk have not amounted to much.

34.Kessler . ( Pocket, $ 23 . ) Tidbits about

35.I spend hours online searching for travel tidbits for myself and friends.

36.Those sentimental tidbits that added up to such Himalayas of precious recollection?

37.They cluster together, hungrily picking at tidbits of information.

38.That's not the only tantalizing tidbit left hanging.

39.However, the juicy tidbits are just too tempting to pass up.

40.Consider these depressing tidbits U . S . News spotlighted:

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