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English-Hindi > tiddler" sentence in Hindi

tiddler in a sentence

11.The first thing to note is that as stock market crashes go this one is _ so far at least _ a tiddler.

12.In the TiddlyWiki user interface it would appear as it appears here but as a separate " note " visually distinct from other tiddlers.

13.TiddlyWiki introduces the division of content into its " smallest, semantically meaningful, components ", referred to as " tiddlers ".

14.Marjorie wanted to go to the ceremony but was told by Mossop that only Riddlers and Tiddlers could go as it was a Riddler law.

15.In 1886, Marryat wrote a lighthearted book about her travels in the United States called " Tom Tiddler's Ground ".

16.Recently two Pacific tiddlers, the Solomon Islands and Fiji, disappeared from Freedom House's list of electoral democracies after coups or other mayhem.

17.When Tiddler had achieved full Riddler status ( by getting the morals of twelve stories correctly ) she chose to be called Tiddlup at the ceremony.

18.It takes nerves of graphite fiber to not strike too fast and too hard when one of the big trout rises after an hour of fishing to tiddlers.

19.Tom Tiddlers is a team of Stevenage s elite players; Broadmead represents Hitchin; and the Pelican from Letchworth hails from their host The Baldock Pool League.

20.One standard form appeared in Walter de la Mare's " Tom Tiddler's Ground " ( 1931 ), an anthology of verse for children.

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