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English-Hindi > tiddly" sentence in Hindi

tiddly in a sentence

21.I've said before that the board could just as soon have a pie-eating contest or flip a coin or Tiddly Wink to determine who the next board member would be and it would have the same legitimacy as an election ."

22.In 1904 it was " hip . " In 2004 it's " chav . " In between, there was " tiddly-om-pom-pom, " " racism, " " cyborg, " " punk " and " 9 / 11 ."

23.And even though other federal institutions have renamed their events " Holiday Party, " at the chief's shindig, law clerks can get tiddly on eggnog and sing Christmas Recess carols, led by the chief justice _ as selected from a hymnal distributed . . . by the chief justice.

24.This is the text : " Farewell, my friends; farewell and hail; I'm off to seek the holy grail; I cannot tell you why; remember, please, when I am gone,'twas aspiration led me on; tiddly-widdly-toodle-oo, all I want is to stay with you, but here I go, goodbye ."

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