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English-Hindi > tie wire" sentence in Hindi

tie wire in a sentence

11.By wrapping electrical wires around the knob, and securing them with "'tie wires "', the knob securely and permanently anchored the wire.

12.The fire was ignited at 12 : 30 pm on 7 February when strong winds initiated the failure of a 40-year-old tie wire, felling a power line at Remlaw, west of the city.

13.An archwire is threaded through the brackets and held in place with elastics, sometimes called tie wires . ( Elastics come in colors, so you can decorate your mouth with your favorite shades .)

14.A burly ironworker told him to run across the site to the supply truck to get him a spool of " left-handed tie wire, " explaining that he was a southpaw and wore it on the left side of his workbelt.

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