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English-Hindi > tiebreak" sentence in Hindi

tiebreak in a sentence

11.The match had three tiebreak sets, including the last one.

12.Gambeill broke back in the next game and won the tiebreak.

13.Gambill broke back in the next game and won the tiebreak.

14.It was Gaudio's first tiebreak loss in the tournament.

15.Mello then opened a 3-0 lead in the tiebreak.

16.Carlsen won the tournament by winning both tiebreak games against Caruana.

17.The third set ended in a tiebreak, with Djokovic winning.

18.The teams held serve and brought the set to a tiebreak.

19.Why does the tiebreak end more quickly than the advantage set?

20.Thus the tournament was won by Carlsen on the second tiebreak.

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