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English-Hindi > unloosing" sentence in Hindi

unloosing in a sentence

41.Who wouldn't be enchanted by a diamond-hard, shaved-head sprinter who one minute glowered down a sprint lane and the next bowed to kiss the track surface, unloosing a sparkling gold-toothed smile?

42.A couple more glitches, Torre has to know, and he will be fending off cries to unloose Mariano Rivera, the pitcher who has not allowed a run in his last 23 innings while working out of the bullpen.

43.Anti-bear groups and a majority of the region's political leaders complain that because the grizzly is not at immediate risk of extinction, the federal government is needlessly unloosing a predator that is a threat to humans.

44.This system was still in use on 21 July 1841, when a child called Margaret McWakenshaw " unloosed a horse-carriage from a train of waggons " and was injured when then trying to prevent it running away down the line.

45.As Israeli attacks continued to rain down on Hezbollah strongholds across south Lebanon and in Beirut's southern suburbs, Lebanese officials accused Israel of trying to exploit sectarian divisions by unloosing the huge exodus from the south's heavily Shiite Muslim areas northward toward Beirut.

46.It was as if once a gameshow was unloosed in primetime to became the most successful program on TV _ " Millionaire " will be this season's three highest rated regular shows, averaging about 29 million viewers _ everything was up for grabs.

47.He let in two of the Kings'eight shots; Nelson Emerson put a soft backhander between Roy's pads at 9 : 29 of the second period and Glen Murray unloosed a shot that dribbled over Roy's stick at 13 minutes in the third.

48.It was as if once a game show was unloosed in prime time to become the most successful program on TV _ " Millionaire " should be this season's three highest rated regular shows, averaging about 29 million viewers _ everything was up for grabs.

49.The cause of death was likely a heart attack, given that an indigenous witness said he said " Help me, unloose my chest where my heart is . " He died in the presence of his brother friars and of the guardian of the convent of San Francisco.

50.Chief Justice William Howard Taft sputtered that Hutchins must be in league with " every Bolshevik communist movement in the country, " but that did not faze the Chicago trustees who shortly thereafter named Hutchins president, thus unloosing a flood of his frequently unpalatable ideas and opinions.

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